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Ovulation Calendar is a program that calculates the time of ovulation and generates your personal fertility calendar.

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Conceiving a Girl

To conceive a girl

  1. Update your menstrual cycle information. See Editing Menstrual Cycle Data for more details.
  2. Choose Conceive a girl option in My Goal:

Choose "Conceive a girl"

Please note that the ability to choose the gender of your future baby is available only in the full version of Ovulation Calendar.See How to Get the Full Version for more information.

Reading the calendar

After you complete the steps described above, Ovulation Calendar calculates the favorable days for conceiving a girl:

Fertility Chart

The favorable days are marked with a heart symbol. To increase your chances of having a girl, you should time intercourse to occur during these days. Note that not all of the fertile days are marked as favorable. This is because these days offer greater chances of having a boy, not a girl. See Ovulation and Pregnancy for more details.

Staying informed of your chances of having a girl

Ovulation Calendar can alert you about the favorable days by showing pop-up reminders when your computer starts up. To turn these reminders on, click the Configure button in the bottom part of the main window. See Configuring Ovulation Calendar for more information.

Keeping the calendar accurate

To ensure that the calendar is correct, you need to keep your menstrual cycle information up to date. Ovulation Calendar will alert you when this information becomes outdated. To update it, click the Edit button on the left side of the main window. See Keeping the Calendar Accurate for more details.

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