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Ovulation Calendar is a program that calculates the time of ovulation and generates your personal fertility calendar.

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Ovulation Calendar – Keeping the Calendar Accurate

Always keep your menstrual cycle information up-to-date

Ovulation Calendar calculates your fertility based on your menstrual cycle information. Therefore, to ensure that the calendar shows your fertility correctly, the menstrual cycle information must be up-to-date.

Your menstrual cycle can have occasional variations in length. Don't worry about these slight variations: about 50 percent of healthy women have cycles that are occasionally irregular, and Ovulation Calendar takes these variations into account. But if you don't update your menstrual cycle information for a long time, these variations accumulate, and this may lead to incorrect fertility predictions.

How often should I update this information?

To keep the calendar accurate, you should update your menstrual cycle information at least once every two months.

Will Ovulation Calendar alert me when my information becomes outdated?

Yes, Ovulation Calendar will show this message, letting you know that you need to update your information:

"Time to update" message

How can I update my menstrual cycle information?

To update your menstrual cycle information, click the Edit button on the left side of the Ovulation Calendar main window:

The Edit button

See Editing Menstrual Cycle Data information for more details.

Download the Free 45-Day Trial Version of Ovulation Calendar:
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